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Артикул: AT-SBx81GS24a
The Allied Telesis AT-SBx81GS24a line card provides 24 SFP Gigabit ports, providing a host of flexible connectivity options. The ability to aggregate a widely distributed network where access devices may be in remote buildings is an excellent solution for multi-building campus environments. The option to mix short-haul and long-haul SFP optical...
138 378,24 грн
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5 148,00 usd
Артикул: AT-SBx81GT24
The Allied Telesis SBx81GT24 line card provides 24 Gigabit copper ports for maximum port density. Up to 240 ports can be deployed in a single SwitchBlade® x8112 7RU chassis, allowing for the aggregation of densely populated networking devices.
105 853,44 грн
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3 938,00 usd
Артикул: AT-SBx8106
Allied Telesis SwitchBlade x8100 Series Advanced Layer 3+ chassis switches are designed to deliver high availability, wirespeed performance, and a high port count. Two control card options, CFC400 and CFC960, provide solutions for medium and large networks. The ability to stack two chassis when using the CFC960 provides a powerful and completely...
156 119,04 грн
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5 808,00 usd
Артикул: AT-SBx81XS6
The Allied Telesis AT-SBx81XS6 line card provides 6 x 10 Gigabit ports, enabling high-speed backbone connectivity from the core chassis to distribution devices. The ability to partner 10 Gigabit Ethernet with Allied Telesis EPSRing™ (Ethernet Protection Switched Ring) technology allows the deployment of a high-speed distributed network...
176 816,64 грн
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6 578,00 usd
Артикул: AT-SBx81GT40
Линейная карта Ethernet на 40 портов 10/100/1000T RJ point five
236 194,56 грн
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8 787,00 usd
Артикул: AT-SBx908-00
Hot swappable AC load sharing power supply for SwitchBlade x908
243 398,40 грн
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9 055,00 usd
Артикул: AT-HS-STK-CBL1.0
Кабель для портов стекирования на задней панели шасси. Обеспечивает возможность объединения в стек двух устройство AT-SB x908
26 530,56 грн
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987,00 usd
Артикул: AT-SBx3112
24 Port 10/100/1000T Blade with PoE+ Support
118 218,24 грн
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4 398,00 usd
Артикул: AT-SBx3112-96POE+-50
Redundant Controller Bundle - 1 x AT-SBx3112, 2 x AT-SBx31CFC, 2 x AT-SBx31XZ4, 2 x AT-SBxPWRSYS1
537 546,24 грн
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19 998,00 usd
Артикул: AT-SBx3112-8XR-50
FAN Module for AT-SBx8106 & AT-SBx3106
728 394,24 грн
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27 098,00 usd
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