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Артикул: AT-FS708LE-50
16-port 10/100Mbps Unmanaged (ECO Switch)
1 612,80 грн
Розничная стоимость:
60,00 usd
Артикул: AT-FS705L-50
8-port 10/100Mbps Unmanaged Switch, rack-mountable, metal chassis (ECO Switch)
1 344,00 грн
Розничная стоимость:
50,00 usd
Артикул: AT-FS705EFC/SC-60
16 port 10/100Mbps Unmanaged Switch with one Fiber UL Port (SC connector)
5 107,20 грн
Розничная стоимость:
190,00 usd
Артикул: AT-FS717FC/SC-50
5 port 10/100Mbps Unmanaged Switch with ext P/S - NO MDI/MDIx on all ports, metal chassis. ECO SWITCH
8 601,60 грн
Розничная стоимость:
320,00 usd
Артикул: AT-FS724L-50
8 port 10/100 unmanaged POE switch with 1 SFP uplink
4 838,40 грн
Розничная стоимость:
180,00 usd
Артикул: AT-FS705LE-50
8 port 10/100 unmanaged switch with external power supply, metal chassis, ECO SWITCH
1 075,20 грн
Розничная стоимость:
40,00 usd
Артикул: AT-SBx8112
The Allied Telesis SwitchBlade x8100 Series with AT-SBx81CFC400 control cards deliver high availability, wirespeed performance, and a high port count. Allied Telesis advanced features make it the ideal solution for the modern enterprise network where resiliency, reliability and high performance are the key requirements. Dual CFC400 control cards...
162 032,64 грн
Розничная стоимость:
6 028,00 usd
Артикул: AT-SBx81CFC400
24-port 10/100/1000T PoE+ Ethernet line card
354 224,64 грн
Розничная стоимость:
13 178,00 usd
Артикул: AT-SBx8112-12XR-50
Allied Telesis SwitchBlade x8100 Series Advanced Layer 3+ chassis switches are designed to deliver high availability, wirespeed performance, and a high port count. Two control card options, CFC400 and CFC960, provide solutions for medium and large networks. The ability to stack two chassis when using the CFC960 provides a powerful and completely...
1 149 926,40 грн
Розничная стоимость:
42 780,00 usd
Артикул: AT-SBx81GP24
The Allied Telesis SBx81GP24 line card provides 24 Gigabit copper Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) ports for the SwitchBlade® x8100 Series, excellent for connecting the increasing range of PoE devices without the need to run separate power cabling. IP phones, wireless access points, and security cameras benefit from installation wherever an...
117 680,64 грн
Розничная стоимость:
4 378,00 usd
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